Musicial Inclinations

First off, I wake up this morning and lo and behold, my blog has had some views! I got to check out some other posters today, and I must say, wordpress has quite the interesting community. It’s always reassuring to know you are being seen; after all, isn’t that part of the reason we are all posting? We just want to share, to understand and be understood, and it’s great to do that.

Alright, back on the topic that the title pertains to. Music. So this video above is from a Korean pop group called 2ne1 (I can only assume that’s pronounced twenty-one), and while it’s not by any stretch “good” music, meaning music that is inspiring or thought provoking or well composed, it IS a very… endearing song. This sort of music, you must realize, isn’t about the quality of the composition or the lyrical aptitude, but rather solely focused on the spectacle. It just gets in your face and throws cool images at you (at least in the context of this music video). You needn’t bother looking up the lyrics to this song, aside from the main phrase being tossed around (which is the same as the title of the song, “I Am The Best”) it’s pretty much all posturing about how amazing they all are. And hell, why not? Are you seeing them? They are all wearing the most bizarre outfits, but that’s part of what makes this so interesting and awesome. I mean, YOU’D feel really cool wearing a chainmail hood wouldn’t you? Come on, admit it. No, don’t ask me to explain the weird hat that looks like it has ice cream cones sticking out of it, or the wrestling belt she’s holding in the first shot. It’s just spectacle.
Then again, maybe it’s something more… maybe there’s a subtle message here that’s subversively affecting how we view the world. The belt? A symbol of accomplishment, obviously. The fact that her face is shadowed indicates that she is enigmatic and dangerous; not someone to be trifled with. And later on, the straight-jacket clearly means that she’s trapped. She’s so great, but the world is holding her down; for what right does the world have to get in her way? She’s the best. The pyramid in the background near the end? Well, that’s a reference to ancient, powerful civilizations, and the drums likewise a nod to tribal ceremony, the pinnacle of strength in ancient times. Combine that with the metallic, brushed look of their outfits indicating their ascent into the modern era, and no one can question the powerful imagery that is present here… BAHAHAHAHAH. No. Ignore that last paragraph. I’m joking. It’s just spectacle.

I suppose the one thing you could have drawn from that bogus paragraph is that if nothing else, this video is presented well. It draws you in (well, if you let it, anyway) and holds your attention. Not to mention that the girls are quite attractive. Go to 1:34 in the video; you’re looking for the girl who has her hair dyed blonde about a second or so later, turning the chair away from you. I won’t pretend to know her name, but her stage name is Park Bom. WHOA; she REALLY knows how to look at the camera. That look nearly renders me speechless every time I see it.
And yes, I fully admit, I’m a little smitten with her. But can you blame me?

Anyway, enjoy the video. Some days, you just have to kick back and accept a little mediocrity. It’s not the greatest music ever composed, but it’s sure as hell entertaining enough to give it a shot!
This post was about my musical inclination, and this is FAR from a comprehensive view on the subject. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, and most of it depends on the headspace I wish to enter (usually related to writing, honestly). I’ll switch from haunting Celtic melodies to the progressive rock of Dream Theater to this all in a single listening. I’ll share some other varieties of stuff I listen to later on, but for now, let 2ne1 tell you how awesome they are.

Because they are.

Less-than-eloquently yours,
Brendon “has a crush on a k-pop singer” Regier


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