Dreams And Kana

Do you ever feel like all you have is normal dreams? Like dreaming about just doing the laundry or surfing the web? Honestly, sometimes I just want to sit down with my subconscious and teach him how to use my imagination correctly. Such a vast plethora of images and scenes to choose from, and I always end up dreaming about mundane tasks? Maybe I just don’t remember the kickass dreams where I grow really tall and kickbox with Godzilla or stuff like that.
You know what’s even worse than about dreaming about ordinary things? When you have something you need to do, like say an essay to write (this acutally happened to me back in high school), and you DREAM you did it, but you actually didn’t, so you go into class feeling confident and just have this “oh shit” moment and you curse your brain for having played such a cruel joke.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that having sexual dreams is a healthy thing. So where’s all my dream sex? Or maybe that just applies to teenagers in puberty… or maybe I’m just wrong about that whole thing…
And while we’re on the topic of dreams, I remember the most unsettling experience I had concerning them. So here’s the dream: I was lying down and I noticed my camera lying on the ground next to my bed. So I casually flip it open, and check the review… and it was the most disturbing series of images I have ever seen. It was torture pretty much all the way through. I have absolutely no idea where my brain got those images from, but holy crap was I scared out of my mind. I have no intention of attempting to remember exactly what the pictures depicted, all I know is that it was horrifying.
I jolted awake, and was so disturbed I immediately went to grab my camera and checked the review. Obviously, there was nothing there, but I was on edge the rest of that day. I don’t even want to hear what Freud would have said about that dream. Maybe it’s better I just have mundane dreams after all!

Anyway, so I’m learning Japanese (as you may have guessed from the title AND the category this post is in) and it is AMAZING. I cannot describe how much I am in love with this language. Almost every phrase that has lost all meaning to me in English sounds beautiful and fresh in Japanese. I know most people say stuff like that about French or other such languages, but honestly, I’ve never really cared for French. It’s probably due to the fact that being Canadian, I had that language firmly shoved down my throat in elementary school, and thus developed a loathing for the sound of it (screw you Canadian school system! You’ve ruined French for me!).
I’m using the Rosetta Stone software for most the spoken aspects and an app for my iPod Touch to help with learning the Hiragana and Katakana. I’ve never been good at memorization, so getting those symbols to stick in my head is tough going! The words, on the other hand, come pretty easy. That’s probably because I enjoy watching anime, so I had already absorbed a lot of Japanese words beforehand.
The going is sort of slow at the moment. The program just sort of throws you into several words and phrases and repeats them until they are so trapped in your head only an mental earthquake could vacate them. It’s a good way to learn, but it does feel like a grind after a while. I’m also not sure if I should learn with the words displayed in hiragana/katakana to help me learn the symbols better or in romanji (the roman alphabet) so I can understand the words better. Decisions, decisions!
So far, constructing sentences is a little out of reach, but I’ve learned plenty of words, albeit some ones I doubt I’ll use much. I can say stuff like, “I’m eating an red apple” (boku-wa akai ringo o tabete imasu… I think…), but not much else. However, if I suddenly find myself in Japan and the entire well-being of our planet’s existence depends on me being able to communicate that I’m riding a bicycle or eating rice, then I’m set!
I know it’s a process and it’ll take a lot of time for me to be able to carry on a conversation in Japanese, but there is that burning desire for instant results, you know? The more I learn, the more excited I am to reach that end goal of fluency. Sure the going is tough at times, but that’ll just make the end result all the more worth it!

Arigato Gozaimasu!

Less-than-eloquently yours,
Brendon “I’m turning Japanese” Regier

P.S. The scenery over there sure can be beautiful. I wish we could have more Sakura trees over here in Canada (or maybe I’m just in the wrong province).


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