My Future Wife, My Current Music

I often wonder what my future wife will look like. What she’ll think of me, and what our life together will be like.

As soon as this thought enters my mind, it is usually countered with, “well, that’s all assuming you actually GET a wife.” And it’s true. I wonder about my wife-to-be like it’s some predestined absolute. There is no guarantee that I’ll ever tie the knot, or even get a girlfriend for that matter.

I mean, this is me we’re talking about. I’m a cynical bastard with an ego that if not carefully kept in check can expand to roughly one-third the size of the SUN. I tend to just blurt out whatever I’m thinking at any given time, so I can rub people the wrong way really easily. And I’m not much to look at, either.

That’s not to say I don’t have good qualities. I would just say I have a tidal wave of bad ones that seems to sweep any good things away. Oh, and if it wasn’t obvious enough, I tend to a have a low opinion of myself.
Perhaps one day, in the distant future where I’ve actually got my life together and in order and this book is finally published I can actually go and try to find that elusive woman who will capture my heart.

Until then, I’ll keep wondering and hoping and dreaming.

But enough of me being depressing. I often get told I’m much too pessimistic, so instead let us talk about something more lighthearted. Like music!

On today’s menu: Dream Theater!

I got introduced to these guys a while back from a friend of mine, and it’s been one wild ride since. Here’s the thing about Dream Theater; they live up to their name. The music is their performance, and the stage is your mind, conjuring vivid images through their undeniable mastery of the medium. The songs and albums are well-constructed stories in themselves, and they are very good at guiding a listener through the intricate ups and downs of human emotion.
These guys do progressive rock. I will not claim to know anything at all about music, but they have one of the most varied repertoires I have seen around. One of their songs can be really light and optimistic, while the next can drag you down into the depths of anger and darkness.

I’m not doing these guys anything close to justice. Seriously. Whenever I’ve wanted inspiration, whenever I’ve felt down, or whenever I have simply wanted to immerse myself in a beautiful fiction, Dream Theater is there.

Here’s a music video of theirs (and yes, I could only find a 360p version). It’s not by any stretch one of their best songs, but it’s one I enjoy. And the imagery they use in it is quite cool (a little masonic influence anyone?).

Less-than-eloquently yours,
Brendon “Hopeless Romantic” Regier

P.S. As any Dream Theater fan will know, this video is obviously an abridged version of the song. I’d still say that the visuals are a nice touch when introducing someone to this stuff, however.


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