O Beautiful Black Liquid That’s Killing Me…

You know what I do when I’m writing and I just take a moment to sit back and think about something? I solve Rubik’s Cubes. I’m not going for speed solves like most are, largely because I know if I did I would fail horribly at it, but instead it became something I can do mindlessly, something to occupy my hands while my mind works through some plot-related issue. I often wonder how many other writers use pastimes like that? I always feel awkward if my hands are just sitting on the keys, waiting to type, tapping their metaphorical feet as they grow ever impatient. My brain can be really slow to think sometimes. I’m sure if my hands and brain were ever to go out for drinks, they’d end up having a fistfight and get kicked out of the bar.
What I’m trying to say is, in order for my brain to not be distracted by my motionless hands so I can think through whatever happens to be troubling me, be it the next sentence or the previous paragraph, I must entertain them. So Rubik’s Cubes are the order of the day.

On another note, allow me to share a really annoying part of my life. You see, I have quite an addictive personality. Back when I was younger, I was especially addicted to online gaming. Every spare moment I was on the computer, shooting terrorists on Counter-Strike or healing parties on my World of Warcraft character. Even now that I’ve mostly stopped playing video games, I still indulge in League of Legends matches, one or two a day mostly, to kill some time (time that could much better be spend WRITING MY NOVEL, if I wasn’t so lazy). These days, I still carry one other addiction from my childhood; Coca-Cola.

I drink the stuff like there’s no end! I honestly bet that at least some of my health issues are related to just how much Coke I consume. Sure, it’s nowhere near as fancy an addiction as some alcoholic or meth fiend can boast, but if I was to start drinking or shooting up, I can bet I’d put those other guys to shame before too long. No, I damage my body enough without shoving more poison into it for the time being.

The really annoying thing is that most days when I’m trying to get stuff done, or even when I’m just playing the aforementioned video games and relaxing, I always have that deliciously terrible beverage on my mind until I go out and get some.
It’s sort of an embarrassing addiction, really. I mean, who the hell needs to get their fix of some freaking sugar-laden caffeinated drink most days?

Me, apparently.

Coca-Cola, I both love and hate you. Oh well, If I die young, at least you will all know the reason why!

Less-than-eloquently yours,
Brendon “drinking coke while I’m writing this” Regier


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I am a global terrorism warlord, meth kingpin, and hacker extraordinaire who has a moon base, at least fifteen wives, countless armies at my disposal, and a discover card. Oh, I also frequently make things up when I'm bored.

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