Jolt Of Inspiration

Today I thought I’d start you off with a little musical piece from Bastion, which is a great game I played a while ago. A lot of this soundtrack reminds of the Firefly soundtrack, to be honest. Anyway, it’s quite good, so give it a listen. The music pretty much speaks for itself, so there’s not need for any warm-up to this; just give it a listen!

Today, like so many days previous, I was sitting in my computer chair, the sounds of music drifting through my speakers, staring at that blinking cursor on my word processor. That single line that sits at the top left of your page, blinking endlessly like some kind of alarm.

I could almost hear it saying, “HEY! WHY AREN’T YOU TYPING ANYTHING?!? I’M DYING OVER HERE!”

I need to stop the alarm. To make that line remain solid as it dances across the page, leaving a trail of words in its wake, words that will eventually become a fully written novel.

Well, not all at once of course. But I’d settle for a single page. Or a paragraph at this point… hell, is a sentence too much to ask for?

Needless to say, I was stuck.

But I was talking to a friend about it, explaining my troubles, divulging all the plot holes I needed to fill, the things that didn’t make sense about my characters and my first few scenes, and they said something in passing that triggered a full-fledged epiphany.

It was a spark.
One second I didn’t have the answers; the next I was struggling to sort through all of them as they poured into my head. I could feel my neurons lighting up, my synapses firing, a wildfire spreading rapidly throughout my mind.

It had only happened once or twice before in my life, and just as always, I wasn’t prepared for it. In a split second I understood why Sherlock Holmes constantly needed a new case to keep himself occupied, to always be figuring things out as he solves murders.

It’s a very addictive feeling, pure inspiration.

All the pieces fit into place. All the plot holes I had been obsessing over were solved in one fell swoop. My issues with a specific scene and the character’s reactions within it were now a thing of the past; on the contrary, that character just became far more interesting than ever before.

It’s moments like this that I need when I’m feeling stuck, when writer’s block plagues me. This is why I love being a writer in the first place. It’s given me confidence that my novel can work after all, that it’s not a fruitless endeavor.

You’ll get no more words from me today; I must depart for the embrace of my fantasies, to capture my visions within the cage of the written word!

Less-than-eloquently yours,
Brendon “might actually get something done tonight” Regier


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