Vibrant Surrealism

Just a short penny for your thoughts:

I promised myself I wouldn’t post any more K-pop music videos. I’m fairly sure that most people that read this blog have quickly grown tired of them.

But then I found this one.

I’ve never fallen in love with a music video this fast! Allow me to elaborate:

I love surreal settings. Something that either takes you out of this world or portrays it in a more interesting light. I’m a total sucker for them.

And 2ne1, the K-pop group? They nailed that with this song.

The way colors in each scene pop out at you, the way the light dances across the various sets, the stormy night outside contrasted with the vibrant color palette inside? Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The music itself, while still pop-y as anything (just as one should assume when watching these things) has a certain otherworldly, haunting quality to it that perfectly fits the images being presented. The moody aspect of the song combined with the sets sort of reminded me of Blade Runner, actually.

Yes, I just compared a k-pop music video to Blade Runner. I’m sure the cinema gods will forgive my blasphemy just this once!

Honestly, music video cinematography beats out movie cinematography, every time. That or it’s just more blatant; take your pick.

The flow, the pacing works so well with the camera’s movements. In that scene with the umbrellas, just watch where the camera is precisely as the lyrics are being delivered.

The light and color is probably the video’s strongest point. Everything is just so saturated! I once edited a dance video for a project when I was in media school in grade eleven, and I spent way too much time tweaking the colors, boosting the saturation and contrast, and fiddling with the lights. It was just too much fun, and it adds so much ambiance and mood to a scene!

And fine, cards on the table here. The other reason I enjoy this music video so much is probably because Park Bom is in it. If you remember from this post, I said that she, “really knows how to look at the camera”.

Well, she still does, and she’s still extraordinarily pretty.

I’m still quite smitten, I admit. That’s her just below.

Well, I just saw this video a good ten times (I know, I’m lame, but it’s just that cool!). That’s enough awesome imagery for now; I’m going to make a sandwich.

Pop on some headphones, turn up the volume, and prepare for a visual dinner party; complete with stormy skies, imaginative hairstyles, and beautiful costumes.

Less-than-eloquently yours,
Brendon “stupid schoolboy crush” Regier

P.S. I’ll try to keep the niche Asian music out of my posts from now on. But this one couldn’t be helped!


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