The Wonderful Midnight Walks


I find I get all my best writing done between the hours of one and four in the morning.

My “best writing” being writing which flows most naturally from the confusing recesses of my brain to the page, feeling the most inspired and making correct use of my diction without sounding horribly pretentious.

And I suppose I should clarify:

I am not an insomniac.

For a long time I called myself one, but insomnia is an inability to fall or stay asleep. I sleep fine, most nights. The issue for me is that I hate the daytime.

I feel so exhausted and lethargic during the day. It requires quite a bit of effort to do anything.

Once about ten’o’clock or so hits, however… that’s a different story.

The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful at night. If I go on a walk, I usually wait until it’s dark out. Maybe it’s the lack of people, of car noises, of disturbance in general. The knowledge that most others will be asleep means I may tread uninhibited through the streets, Coconut (my adorable dog) pulling on the leash a little as she scampers about, carefully avoiding patches of snow at all costs.

And yes, there is still a lot of snow where I live. Even though it’s almost May.

I think the fact that I know I won’t be disturbed while I write at night or walk outside is comforting. I’m just a person who enjoys the cool evening breeze, the moon and stars glowing softly above, beautiful shadows dancing across the pathway, encapsulated in solitude. It’s magic. Pure, natural magic.

Now then, on to other news:

I have finally got another short story on the go, which I am most excited about, and yet also apprehensive over.

I always feel like I’m cheating when I write short stories; as though I should probably be concentrating on my novel, but I suppose short fiction is helpful to build up my skills.

I once heard that you should concentrate on one or the other, novels or short fiction, as starting out in short fiction doesn’t always lead to a novel. This makes sense to me, but honestly, I’m not sure where my strength lies writing-wise. I suppose I’ll stick to both for now, and just see how my abilities develop.

Regardless of what I prove to be good at, my dream is still to see a novel published one day.

I gave up too many dreams from my childhood. I realized I probably couldn’t make it in the movie business, I’ll never be good at drawing or sketching, I’m not a particularly good actor, and I’ll never have superpowers.

I’m sticking to this one!

Keep an eye on those bookshelves, because one day my novel will help adorn them!

Less-than-eloquently yours,
Brendon “is trying to shorten his posts so he doesn’t ramble so much” Regier

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