About The Blog

So this page is for explaining the purpose of this blog. I see…

Seems kind of redundant, doesn’t it? I mean, a blog of this nature wouldn’t really be anything BUT a medium to express my musings. It’s like going into a Boston Pizza and asking what the purpose of that particular restaurant is. They’d just look at you funny and say, “To serve food… just like every other restaurant out there.”

Oh well. CONGRATULATIONS! If you guessed the correct purpose to this blog, you have WON. Your prize, you ask? It’s the knowledge that you came to the same conclusion EVERY OTHER PERSON ON THE PLANET came to, and that you aren’t inherently flawed in your use of logic.

But enough of my sarcasm. Enjoy the blog!

Less-than-eloquently yours,
Brendon “I could have just deleted this page” Regier

P.S. Credit where credit is due. The header at the top of this site? I made it, but got the burning letters from http://www.mrcarbonneau.me/kreapp/web_development.aspx

P.P.S. If you are looking for what “Burn the Grapevine” means, then please refer to my first post


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